Institute of Urban Art is an advocacy group as well as a production company for urban art in public spaces.

Our background stems from the Danish streetart and graffiti community in the early 90’s and we have developed an international and broadspectred interest of how we create better and more dynamic urban spaces through art. IfUK has painted as artists and worked as project managers all over the world and our art can be seen in more than 40 countries worldwide.

We believe that art can give us breaks from the obvious functionalism of most buildings and public spaces, and new ideas and thoughts arise best in these creative breaks. Art can work together with a functionalistic approach to nudge people to walk certain routes, shift their attention to specific areas of the city or create a specific feeling or atmosphere in its local environment.

At IfUK we work closely together with the Danish and international urban arts community, with companies and brands, city developers and politicians. We are based in Copenhagen and have indepth knowledge of the urban art scene in Copenhagen, we curate and activate local, upcoming artists in our projects regularly.

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Evolution 2 - The longest painting in Europe

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Evolution 2 is a record breaking 470 meter mural that tells the story from the creation of the universe via the big bang, through all times including dinosaurs, vikings and much more and on to the future in space. It was painted in Copenhagen 2018 and can still be seen and experienced in the city center.

Logan - Campaign mural and viral video

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A mural of the Wolverine character played by Hugh Jackman in the center of Copenhagen for the 20th Century Fox blockbuster Logan, executed in a few days and with a video that went viral instantly.

Odense Zoo - Replacing concrete with cool art

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A full makeover of an entire zoo, transforming all concrete and unused surfaces into dynamic artworks with animals and nature.